Political Bigotry

Right now in the U.S., political bigotry is the most dangerous form of bigotry going, for the very simple reason that it’s not just allowed, but celebrated. By all sides. It should be taboo, like homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, and so on. Alphabetical order. But it’s not. We revel in our political bigotry. I have the same problem. It’s easy because it feels just as good as the other kinds of bigotry, but without the guilt. I’m inviting everyone who reads this to go ahead and feel the guilt.

From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition, bigotry:
n. The attitude, state of mind, or behavior characteristic of a bigot; intolerance.
n. The character or mode of thought of a bigot; obstinate and unreasonable attachment to a particular creed, opinion, practice, ritual, or party organization; excessive zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect, or opinion; intolerance of the opinions of others.

Democratic Socialism Is Changing

As far as I can tell, democratic socialism, according to many democratic socialists, now means that, at a minimum, health insurance is nationalized, at a maximum, health care is nationalized, but nothing else is. Instead, existing capitalism is just taxed and regulated with considerable vigor. People are allowed to change their minds about their own political movements and not change the labels, but it is confusing.

It’s possible democratic socialists did this because of various failures of democratic socialism. For example one of the failure modes of democratic socialism as practiced by the British Labour party was the election of Margaret Thatcher and the privatization of most of the industries that had been nationalized. I think the only exception was the BBC, and I’m not sure that was nationalized as much as just created by the government. The democratic socialists in question really, really, really hated that particular failure mode.

Insanity Wrap #81: Nate Silver Addresses His Critics, ‘F*** You, We Did a Good Job’

The craziest person is the guy with this idea: Democrat-run cities ought to be forced to enter consent decrees with the DOJ, essentially federalizing their election procedures until they are deemed to be fair, free of fraud, and with clean election rolls.

Grease as many palms as it takes, but get this done.

Our attitude out here in the decently-run parts of the country ought to be firm and fair: “If you want to run your cities like shitholes, fine — but you don’t get to ruin everything for the rest of us.”

So who is the guy with this idea so crazy that it just might work?

Insanity Wrap is the guy.

You’re welcome, America.